Deep Precision Branding®
moving knowledgeably and reliably toward a distinctive brand

It isn’t the brand that makes the difference.
The difference makes the brand.

Locations, institutions and companies from every industry all want to achieve the optimum effect with their activities. To accomplish this, we focus holistically on the brand – because an entity that understands its specific, customer-based success factors accurately and orients all its activities rigorously toward them will become a brand with an unmistakeable profile.

We have our own method for this: Precision Branding©. Since 2005, we have used it to develop and support brand-based strategies, positioning, and implementation activities for locations, institutions and companies.

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The core: unique performance

Unique performance is at the core of every brand, because performance can only win and retain customer loyalty when it sets itself apart. Specific products and services can be found everywhere. Genuine opportunity arises when you know what customers regard as important.

We identify the performance that sets a company apart and then develop a target positioning in the form of specific success factors, which we elaborate concretely and precisely through extensive analysis of the interface between the customer and performance.

These specific success factors are the central element of our development work: they offer a tangible, reliable foundation for our customers’ strategic and operative orientation as well as their communication, and form the core of our products, from strategy development to brand architecture.


Customer-based – and thus objective

Without customers, there would be no brands, because brands are created when buyers and decision-makers select a specific offer consciously and repeatedly. This is why it is important to consider performance rigorously from the customer side of the equation, and to precisely understand the interface between customers and performance.

Our qualitative, dynamically open interviews are critical to discovering the subtle differences behind customers’ selections: in our personal conversations with them, we create a situation in which we gain a precise understanding of the reasons for their decisions and the paths to them. This analysis is then rounded off with relevant data and facts as well as on-site observation.

This view of the interface between customers and performance enables us to develop authentic, insightful statements which also include aspects of brand-building that were not initially considered. The result is an objective basis for decision-making which offers security for both everyday and strategic decisions.


The whole is the brand: our understanding of brand

Every activity in the value chain is part of the brand of a company, location or institution, every day. This is because people – and especially customers – perceive these activities as part of a whole, and have a keen sense for them. This holistic understanding is diametrically opposed to the widespread brand misunderstanding according to which a brand is created on the surface through advertising, communication and sales.

We use our sense of the whole to develop solutions and instruments for companies, locations and institutions. In the process, the instruments are used in every part of the value chain, for instance in requirements for R&D, performance initiatives, controlling tools or POS and sales guides.

This basic understanding results in holistic solutions and instruments, even if a single project focuses on just one area.


Making the market

Successful brands don’t take the demands and needs of their customers for granted. Instead, they sensitize their customers to decisive differences in performance.

This is where our developmental approach begins: performance has a market when it sets itself apart, creates benefits, and communicates those benefits and its own characteristics to potential customers in a way those customers can grasp. Strategies for implementation and communication which focus on those features that set performance apart enable companies, locations and institutions to create new needs – and this is the key to genuine market development.

Performance-based communication and implementation differ sustainably from the widely used creative-emotional – but often meaningless – approach, and unfold a strong effect on the market.


Developing substance – cleverly and together with the players

Whether a location, an institution, or a company, the best opportunity lies in precisely understanding, developing and using the existing substance – and not in imitating the competition. What is special usually seems ordinary from the inside, and is always seen the same way. On the other hand, the view from the outside, sharpened by customer insights, can discover existing potential and cleverly create something new from the existing substance.

Out of the box in the box: our approach is to see and develop what is already there – with greater depth and precision and, at the same time, greater openness. And because the solution we develop is only as good as the relevant players can support it and realize it, we include those players in workshops and interviews in both the analysis and the development of the solution.

This has two advantages for customers: firstly, working with the substance is highly cost-effective, and secondly, projects are realized and have a high economic impact.

Our products

Based on our access to your customers, we use Precision Branding© to develop holistic instruments for your everyday management. In the process, the target success factors are the central element: they describe your target positioning for the next five to ten years in the form of specific, concrete performance components. The target success factors become points of orientation for all your business decisions, whether they affect investments, the development of products and offers, sales, or marketing and communication.

  • Company and strategy development
  • Location and destination development
  • Branding and brand development
  • Communication strategy
  • Brand architecture
  • Use of Swissness
  • Qualitative market research

Twelve years of development and implementation

Swiss Brand Experts has been realizing customer projects for companies, informal brands (cantons, regions, cities and municipalities and tourist destinations), associations, public agencies and charitable organizations since 2005. Our recommendations are accepted by our customers and implemented with lasting success. The foundation of this success is our own method. Using in-depth input from practice and applied research, we continually develop it further, refine it, and communicate it in presentations and publications.

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